EU-supported projects in Central and Eastern Europe

Heavy investment is being made in the new EU member states in Central and Eastern Europe. Above all in the infrastructure, where Swiss expertise is greatly in demand. But where, when and for whom? Via a new web portal supported by Osec, Swiss companies can find out which programmes funded by Switzerland and the EU give them the best chances.


A newly launched information portal solves this problem. Supported by Osec, SwissCEE (Swiss Central Eastern Europe) started «Subsidies A–Z» at the beginning of August 2010. «Subsidies A–Z» informs Swiss companies about current projects within the scope of the support programmes of the Swiss enlargement contribution for the EU (cohesion fund) and the EU structural fund.


«Subsidies A–Z» gives companies a good jump start in the often highly competitive race for the best of the many lucrative contracts available in Central and Eastern Europe.


In the right-hand column opposite you will find the full-length article from the Osec Export online magazine of February 2010 with some interesting links.