Initial consultation
What's all about?

When you turn to an external consultant specialised in subsidies, questions such as “Is it worth it?” or “What will it cost?” play a decisive role. The answer to that is to have an initial consultation, which can often provide information on these questions and give you a basis for deciding how to proceed. The initial consultation is not there to offer a quick and complete solution – no initial consultation could legitimately achieve that.

What are the results?

SwissCEE provides the interested party with decision-making criteria, developed using their individual requirements, or alternatively informs them whether the current subsidy programs would support their project or whether the prospects of success are not very good. In each case SwissCEE will also contact the relevant authorities personally and discuss the project with them beforehand. The decision-making criteria will put the interested party in a position to know whether or not they want to pursue the matter.


Real-live examples

Building a production plant in Mähren, Czech Republic. Due to the decision-making criteria worked out by SwissCEE, the client pursued the project further, with 35% of the construction costs being financed by public subsidies. It transpired from the initial consultation that a project for a recycling plant close to the Bulgarian capital Sofia had little chance of success in obtaining a subsidy and the investor withdrew the application. As mentioned in the decision-making criteria, a Swiss entrepreneur has received subsidies from the EU structure fund for investments in his Polish production plant (modernizing machinery).

Costs of the initial consultation

The costs for detailed decision-making criteria are a flat rate of CHF 490.00 or EUR 390.00, including expenses, plus VAT.


Crediting the costs

If the interested party decides to use SwissCEE’s services following the initial consultation, the consultation costs will be credited to the fees that then arise.


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