Subsidies A-Z

In Subsidies A-Z, SwissCEE provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the support programs of the European Union and the Swiss enlargement contribution. The support programs are compiled irrespective of the level of support or the support agency, according to standard criteria and in a consistent presentation. This means that the links between the individual programs, which are important for efficient use of government aid, are also shown.

Subsidies A-Z from SwissCEE is available as a central source of information both for people starting their own business and for companies and consultants. The “Subsidies A-Z” database is oriented equally to users with no previous knowledge and to experts in promoting trade and industry.


However, using Subsidies A-Z can be only the first step, so make use of the wide range of services offered by SwissCEE. There are many conceptual, fiscal and legal issues that need to be clarified before you make a commitment.

The SwissCEE database Subsidies A-Z is supported by the Osec special fund as part of the stabilisation programme passed by the Confederation. Osec informs in “Osec Export! Online-Magazin ” about Subsidies A-Z