SARIO, Slovak Matchmaking Fair

Slovak Matchmaking Fair with Russia as partner country
From 9 to 11 November 2009 in Prešov, Slovakia.


Slovak products and services are exhibited at the Matchmaking Fair and participants can exchange views and experiences in one-to-one meetings. Russia is presenting business and investment opportunities. SwissCEE is the cooperation partner for Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.


Take advantage of the location and the economic growth

The Slovak Republic is situated in the centre of Europe. The majority of its workforce is well educated and very willing to work. Averaging about 500 euro per month, its wage level is the lowest in Central Europe. By contrast, since the Slovak Republic entered the European Union on 1.5.04, its economic growth has been the greatest. On 1.1.04 a flat tax of 19 percent was introduced. The national currency was replaced by the euro on 1.1.09, making cross-border activities even easier and more transparent.


The aim of the Matchmaking Fair

The Matchmaking Fair was initiated by SARIO, the service agency of the Slovak Ministry of Trade and Industry, in view of the increasing cost pressure and the economic growth. The aim is to give Swiss and Liechtenstein companies the opportunity to find potential quality suppliers in an efficient way. As a result Slovak companies can expand into Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.


Good reasons why you should take part in the Matchmaking Fair

  • Various specialist lectures by speakers from politics, trade and industry
  • Over 100 qualified exhibitors from production and the service industry
  • Communication with exhibitors possible before the Matchmaking Fair
  • Seminar “Doing Business with the Slovak Republic”
  • Individual one-to-one meetings between visitors and exhibitors
  • Practical knowledge and expert tips for successful business transactions
  • Focus: Russian cooperation and investment opportunities
  • Russian cultural evening in a relaxed ambience
  • Development and expansion of the Slovak and Russian network
  • Support provided by SwissCEE during arrival, fair and departure