Our future

Central and Eastern Europe is an interesting location for internationalisation projects, even in times of crisis. The current economic situation has created unused capacity and increased the readiness of Central and Eastern European companies to compromise. Interesting property is available at more attractive terms. SwissCEE wants to pass on these benefits to its customers, ensuring the success of their projects by being on the spot.


The enlargement of the EU is being consolidated. The new EU member states are making the legal and economic adjustment to the old EU countries more accessible. Furthermore, with its enlargement contribution of a billion Swiss francs from 2008, Switzerland is playing a part in reducing the economic and social disparities in the enlarged EU. Switzerland's enlargement contribution is also increasing the business prospects of Swiss companies in these future markets.


As an attractive alternative to China and India, Central and Eastern Europe offers sound legal protection, political stability and proximity to European markets. While the Czech Republic is situated right in the centre of Europe, Romania and Bulgaria offer access to emergent markets in the Mediterranean and Black Sea region, plus the Balkans. In a time when trade relations are being stepped up, it is still necessary to implement projects in the target country itself and to break through cultural barriers.


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