Social Commitment

As a bridge-builder in Central and Eastern Europe, SwissCEE supports cultural and social projects. In this way, as a profit-oriented company, SwissCEE wants to contribute to enriching people's lives, and to the way people communicate with and have understanding for each other.

20 Years of Switzerland-Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce

The Switzerland-Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce (HST) was established 20 years ago. Good reason to celebrate the round birthday in a fitting way! In addition to the culinary highlight, the Gala Dinner in the Prague Kaiserstein Palace, the HST is organising the Swiss Management Forum with the focus on the topic of “Switzerland and the Czech Republic in Europe”. Nearly 200 people participated in the festivities, with their success contributed to by SwissCEE as a partner.

1 August Celebration 2010

On 1 August, the corks are popping and the fireworks are shooting into the sky. Switzerland is celebrating its birthday. The national holiday 2010 in Prague was a resounding success, around 300 people celebrated into the early hours in the most beautiful summer weather. The cheese raclette and the St. Gallen sausages tasted delicious, the fantastic fireworks on the Moldau formed the highlight of the Swiss National Holiday 2010.  SwissCEE is pleased to have been involved in making this unforgettable evening possible.

Poland-Switzerland:  Strategic partnerships, taking advantage of opportunities

Poland is an excellent growth market. A dynamic change is imminent. Export and investment opportunities are outstanding. The CleanTech field, with energy efficiency, renewable energies and environmental technologies, are becoming extremely important. SwissCEE is supporting the realisation of this occasion as sponsor, as well as a consultant on what needs to be noted with public subsidy funds.

Czech Green Cross

The objective of the Czech Green Cross "Kid's Smile" project is to provide children with the correct dental care and hygiene, so that future visits to the dentist are for check-ups and prevention rather than for dental treatment. Such a project has existed in Switzerland since around 1960 and has resulted in a substantial improvement in the condition of schoolchildren's teeth. SwissCEE is a major partner in the Czech Green Cross "Kid's Smile" project.

Es geht auch so offers parents a platform to find voluntary childcare locally or in their region. It gives the opportunity of providing mutual support (Tandem) or just getting to know like-minded people locally. The two founders, Martina and Franziska Brägger, have been operating the website since August 2008 on a voluntary basis, providing relief for parents. SwissCEE has likewise set itself the goal of freeing up time for customers and so has decided to support this project by providing language services free of charge.

European Championship soccer party

The opening game in the European Championship between Switzerland and the Czech Republic on 7 June 2008 was a friendly encounter between the two countries. In this spirit SwissCEE sponsored the European Championship soccer party in Prague. A family soccer tournament and various activities made the sporting event into a family-friendly day and brought soccer fans of both nations closer together. The European Championship soccer party was the biggest event ever organised by the Swiss Embassy in Prague, and every invited guest was a winner.