Principles of success

Customer-oriented and transparent

SwissCEE's top priority is always the benefit to the customer. We adapt to customer requirements using customised solutions, thereby freeing up time. The customer is regularly updated on the project development by SwissCEE through transparent communication and clear reporting.


Efficient and on time

Efficiency is achieved through practice-oriented action. It is important to grasp complex situations quickly, offering solutions and implementing them through firm project management. In this way projects are completed on time and the sometimes tight time resources are optimally utilised.


Reputable and trustworthy

SwissCEE sees every project as a cornerstone for a long-term collaboration built on mutual trust. On our part, this requires a high level of commitment and trustworthiness on all levels from the start. Based on their positive experience, customers are happy to come back to SwissCEE with further projects. SwissCEE is a full member of several Swiss Chambers of Commerce abroad.


On the spot and accepted locally

As a partner accepted in the target country, SwissCEE always represents the interests of its customers by being on the spot. Thanks to our wide network of connections in Central and Eastern Europe, SwissCEE arranges the right contacts, thus facilitating quick access to the target country.


Industry experience and specialist training

Successful implementation of business development projects requires the right partner. After many years' experience in business development, SwissCEE has sector-specific knowledge of industry, trade and services. Innovative, visionary and integral thinking plus the ability to integrate into work teams is what sets the specifically-qualified SwissCEE management apart.


Company presentation