Osec, Business Network Switzerland

SwissCEE is the co-operation partner for the seminar
"Business with and in Central and Eastern Europe"

The European integration process is opening up new perspectives on collaborating with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The markets in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria are developing fast and will continue to grow dynamically. Together with OSEC, SwissCEE is organising the seminar on business in Central and Eastern Europe, in which experts and entrepreneurs will convey information at first hand. The concept and content of the seminar, which SwissCEE co-developed, is being received enthusiastically by the more than 70 participants from the financial and political sectors.

  • Direct comparison of Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria
  • What business opportunities do these dynamic markets offer?
  • What cultural challenges are to be taken into consideration?
  • What opportunities and traps it is worth knowing about when "going east"?

Initial situation and task

The aim of the seminar is to give participants a comprehensive picture of the business opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe. The concept has three stages: Stage 1: Conveying information; Stage 2: Experience reports (B2B); Stage 3: Networking Aperitif. Besides general information on the countries, the information conveyed focuses on available EU subsidies, the strengths and weaknesses of the location and the intercultural challenges. In the experience reports, small and medium-sized Swiss businesses relate their own experiences and insights gained when extending their business activities into Central and Eastern Europe. Specialists and companies will provide participants in the seminar with useful stimulation, thought-provoking ideas and advice from their own practical experience. The five-hour seminar ends with the Networking Aperitif, which serves both to cultivate contacts and actively exchange knowledge.