Success Stories
Experience has shown that business development projects in the Central and Eastern European economic area are of great strategic importance for clients - it’s a question of time and cost. The right partner is needed for successful implementation. SwissCEE is fully committed to each project, thus ensuring quick and sustainable results.

We distinguish ourselves through:
  • sector know-how in industry, trade and services
  • long-time experience in business development
  • the ability to grasp complex situations quickly
  • innovative, visionary and integral thinking
  • tight and transparent project management
  • independent work with clear reports
  • the ability to integrate into work teams
  • seriousness and trustworthiness
  • membership of organisations and professional associations

SwissCEE not only produces great concepts, but advocates implementation of your projects through a strong presence in the target countries. This is what our success is based on.

Those with the right business developer are highly successful. Have a read of our success stories!