Seminars and excursions for specialist training

Passing on knowledge and experiences

Successful involvement in Central and Eastern Europe requires in-depth knowledge of the economic, social and cultural conditions in the target country. In collaboration with partners and partner organisations, we run seminars and study trips, and also take on projects for organising events focusing on Central and Eastern Europe.

The seminars are mainly held in the German-speaking region, and aim to bring participants closer to the Central and Eastern European countries, provide stimulation, and convey information and contacts.

The excursions for specialist training go directly to the Central and Eastern European countries. SwissCEE organises the trip from start to finish, with the entire professional and social programme.

In the SwissCEE update, published quarterly, we mention the latest seminars and study trips. Subscribe to SwissCEE update using our contact form.

Osec, Business Network Switzerland, Axel Bermeitinger, Regional Director Europe
The seminar “Business with and in Central and Eastern Europe”, for which SwissCEE is the co-operation partner, is being received enthusiastically by the more than 70 participants from the financial and political sectors.

FORUM BLECH, Norbert Marquart, Executive Board
"Thanks to the excursions for specialist training we were able to draw direct comparisons with our member companies. Quality control and maintenance in the Czech Republic is no longer much different than our own standards.”