Language services
Overcoming language barriers

SwissCEE provides translations in almost all language combinations. Through the strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe, we have developed particular skills in Central and Eastern European languages.

We are familiar with all text types: from financial publications, to websites, financial reports and handbooks, to complex contracts. With our multilingual desktop publishing system (DTP), we insert the translated text directly into your original document, and provide you with ready-to-print layouts. Thanks to our multilingual Translation Memory (TM), we ensure uniform “corporate wording” appropriate for the culture and subject area, which is apparent in all information material.

For our language services, we have a team of qualified, tested translators with a specialist background (lawyers, engineers etc.). Your “personal” translator guarantees constant translation quality and efficient project execution.

The translation rate depends on the language group and difficulty of the text. Ask about the range of services.

Buchbinderei Burkhardt AG, BUBU, Thomas Freitag, Business Manager
"We are very satisfied with the quality of the translations. SwissCEE completed this complex translation project with time to spare.”
"Even in the hectic project phases we were able to continue to rely on SwissCEE. Everybody involved in the project appreciated the professional collaboration with SwissCEE.”