2nd Source Supplier for the Pilatus PC-12

From single-sourcing to multi-sourcing: A carefully implemented identification and evaluation process, as well as professional support of the selected strategic suppliers are absolutely necessary for a successful project completion. Using the example of the Pilatus 2nd Source project, it is also shown that how crucial it is to integrate the external consultant into the project at an early stage, as in the case of SwissCEE.

Within the context of operational planning, Pilatus is constantly reviewing options for producing the PC-12 more cost-effectively and efficiently, without compromising on high quality requirements. One option envisages cooperating with a structure supplier from Central or Eastern Europe (CEE). This strategic 2nd Source supplier is intended to reduce the supply risk for the assembly line. Pilatus appointed SwissCEE as an external consultant, on the basis of successfully realised projects and a local presence in the CEE countries over many years.

On the basis of the cooperation so far and the outstanding results, Pilatus can now confirm that the decision to select PZL Swidnik in Poland as a 2nd Source partner for the structural engineering of the PC-12 was correct. Pilatus achieved its targets of having a second reliable and innovative partner, minimising risk and remaining competitive. The major remaining challenge for the Pilatus programme will be the training and integration of additional employees at PZL Swidnik.

The complete article from the journal „Beschaffungsmanagement“ of May 2012 you can find in the right column.




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