Business Development
SwissCEE brings together various competencies under one roof. Thanks to this combination, we can create complete, customised, flexible and efficient solutions for our customers. Our staff are specifically trained experts who constantly expand their knowledge through targeted training sessions and activities.

Outsourcing – Producing where it’s most suitable
Outsourcing operations to external parties domestically or abroad. Outsourcing can range from production, to services, to research and development.

Offshoring – Investing where it’s most sustainable
Outsourcing internal business units abroad in the form of direct investments.

Market entry – The step into a new world
Participation in a foreign market as a purchaser or seller

Temporary management – When things go haywire, the support is there
Interim managers assume profit responsibility for their work in a line position. They leave the company as soon as their contract expires.

Seminars – Passing on knowledge and experiences
Excursions for specialist training – Enabling on-site awareness
Conveying knowledge and experience through presentations and discussions in day or evening seminars. Excursions for specialist training to gain direct insights and project-based awareness on-site.