SwissCEE update autumn 2011
High exchange rate of Swiss franc - make good use of opportunities
The high exchange rate of the Swiss franc can be used as an opportunity. Thanks to outsourcing to CEE countries, the costs of a company’s own products can be optimised and paid in euro. At the present time direct investments and company acquisitions can be realised more favourably due to the high exchange rate of the Swiss franc. We are happy to advise and assist you with your project proposal.

Think beyond borders. Assisted by support programmes
Enter new markets experiencing above average growth. Increased exports, despite the weak euro. Supported by EU state subsidies. It’s true – you are allowed to expect more. The “Subsidies A-Z” information database compiled by SwissCEE provides a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of EU support programmes, and projects within the scope of the Swiss enlargement contribution. “Subsidies A-Z” is freely accessible and can be used free of charge.

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Link to public tenders for the EU and the Swiss enlargement contribution

ICT Solutions – a new service

Responding to customer suggestions, we are offering new ICT solutions. Thanks to our project experience and transparent communication you can delegate your software development to us. We can assist you throughout the entire software lifecycle, from working out the functional specification, through implementation and testing, to maintenance and further development. To arrange an appointment please use the contact form.

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Delivery of first aircraft structure to Pilatus Aircraft
In September 2011 the Polish company PZL-Swidnik delivered the first PC-12 aircraft structure to Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. SwissCEE evaluated the best possible structure supplier in Central and Eastern Europe for Pilatus, focusing on the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

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Czech suppliers – an opportunity that should be taken

In a joint survey and SwissCEE established that there is real interest among Swiss companies in collaborating with the Czech manufacturing industry.

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