First aircraft structure delivery by the Polish supplier to Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.

In September 2011 the Polish company PZL-Swidnik delivered the first PC-12 aircraft structure to Pilatus Aircraft Ltd. “PZL-Swidnik proved to us that they are a good quality and reliable structure supplier for Pilatus“, confirmed Ignaz Gretener, VP Business Unit General Aviation, on the occasion of the formal handover. SwissCEE evaluated PZL-Swidnik for Pilatus.

“This is the starting point of our collaboration with Pilatus”, emphasised Nicola Bianco, CEO of PZL-Swidnik. The company is part of the Anglo-Italian AgustaWestland group. In the long term fifty aircraft structures will leave the production sites of PZL-Swidnik each year. Around 120 people are employed in the production of the PC-12 fuselage and wings. Before the start of production, the skilled workers from PZL-Swidnik underwent intensive training at Pilatus in Switzerland. In the second project phase, the machinery and devices needed for production were taken to Poland from Switzerland.

SwissCEE evaluated the best possible structure supplier in Central and Eastern Europe for Pilatus, focusing on the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

Pilatus appreciated SwissCEE’s professional implementation of the evaluation procedure and our strong local presence in several Central and Eastern European countries. “SwissCEE carried out our instructions to the letter and did not merely create concept papers”, attested Ignaz Gretener.

Pilatus’s aim to produce the PC-12 cost-efficiently without having to compromise on the high quality requirements was achieved in full.

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