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Four simple steps for placing the translation order and downloading the translated text. Registration as a client is not necessary.

1. Obtain FreeQuote (cost estimate)

In only a few seconds, you can obtain a cost estimate for the translation without registering. For this, simply select the source and target language, the required delivery date, the degree of difficulty and your document. Upload your document for calculating the cost estimate.

2. Request price offer

After receiving the cost estimate, you can decide to accept the offer and immediately place the order. Or you can send in the data for a further analysis and you will receive a detailed price offer at your e-mail address.

3. Place order

After receiving the detailed cost estimate, you will receive another e-mail with two links, with which you can accept/reject the offer. Please note that these links only remain activated and available for 10 days.

4. Downloading your data

Download your translation and invoice. For this, you receive an e-mail with a link that you can use to download the translated file(s) and the invoice.

File cannot be automatically calculated

File formats such as .jpg cannot be automatically calculated. In this case, you will receive a pop-up message. Continue saving and send us the file(s). Within a few seconds, you will receive the detailed cost estimate from SwissCEE, including the files that could not be automatically calculated.

Demo version

Visit our Demo-Version and gain an overview of the innovative SwissCEE translation portal.

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