Czech manufacturing industry suppliers – an opportunity worth taking

In May 2011, and SwissCEE Agency carried out a survey in order to study the interest of Swiss companies in collaborating with Czech suppliers. The survey was completed by 138 companies that are active in the manufacturing industry.


The Czech Republic is, after Poland, the second most important Swiss business partner of the Central and Eastern European countries. We were, therefore, interested in the main requirements for potential co-operation between companies in the manufacturing industry. According to this study, the Swiss market potential for subcontracting manufacturing industry suppliers to the Czech Republic is approx. 35%.


All in all, we are taking note of the genuine interest in the Czech manufacturing industry market, but, as stated above, under a series of specifi c conditions and standards. German companies are keen to buy in the Czech Republic; Swiss companies on the other hand buy in Germany. Why shouldn’t the purchase prices be optimised by direct co-operation with Czech suppliers? Considering the fact that the feedback was provided by 138 participants, the analysis can be considered as a trend.


In the right-hand column opposite you will find the full-length article from the "Beschaffungsmanagement" magazine of August 2011.


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