Inauguration of the Eastern Poland Economic Promotion Programme
The new programme aims at supporting interest in the economic offer of the five Polish regions situated in the East of Poland. Activities undertaken in the frame of the project will try to increase FDI inflow to the macroregion and also to enhance the interest of Polish companies in investments realised in this part of the country. The activities should hasten the pace of social and economic development.

Last year the Minister of Regional Development entrusted the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency with the performance of the measure 1.4 of the OP Development of Eastern Poland. In July 2009 PAIiIZ could sign a financing agreement to the tune of PLN 86 mln. The Operational Programme Development of Eastern Poland (OP DEP) covers the five most disadvantaged regions in the EU (before the accession of Bulgaria and ROmania): Lubelskie, Podkarpackie, Podlaskie, Świętokrzyskie and Warmińsko-Mazurskie. The programe will simultaneously cover all regions of the macoregion and will in a coherent and thought-out way present the economic potential of the whole Extern part of Poland.

The PAIiIZ Programme - Economic Promotion of Eastern Poland envisages providing support to the five regions through a wide range of activities e.g. organization of international advertisement campaigns including TV spots and press adverts, management of visits to international fairs and exhibitions, co-ordination of trade missions, study tours for foreign journalists, press conferences and economic debates. All the activities will be geared towards local entrepreneurs, local government representatives and institutions active in the five regions. The programme will be realised in the years 2009-2015.

Source: PAIiIZ