Expectations for Unchanged Economies in Central Europe
This month’s survey results for the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia are characterised by a shift of the economic expectations from optimistic to neutral. The share of optimistic expectations for the Czech Republic has diminished in favour of neutral predictions and the majority of the financial experts now anticipate an unchanged cyclical development for the coming six months. The sentiment indicator for the Czech Republic loses its leading position within the CEE countries decreasing by 10.6 points to 8.5 points. Declining 15.0 points, the balance which captures the business prospects for Slovakia turns negative in July, closing at minus 4.4 points. By contrast, the business forecasts for Poland improve slightly by 0.5 points to 11.3 points in July.

The financial experts’ assessments of the current business conditions in the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia change for the worse in the current survey. In spite of having recovered in June, all three respective balances lose value this month. The analysts’ evaluations of the present situation in the Czech Republic shift from positive to neutral and the respective balance recedes by 9.6 points to minus 54.1 points. The corresponding indicator for Slovakia notes the sharpest decline among the analysed countries in this category, dropping by 21.7 points to minus 71.7 points. The respondents’ view on the current state of the Polish economy worsens by 7.5 points to minus 45.6 points.

According to the majority of respondents, the Polish Zloty is about to appreciate versus the Euro within the coming half year.